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Disgruntled Developers is written and managed by the disgruntled developers at Resonance Technologies.  We are developers with experience in .NET, C++, PHP, Java, MSSQL, MySQL as well as HTML/XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.  We have had a lot of interesting experiences in our development careers and would like to share our insanity with everyone.  Our stories (rants) should be pretty entertaining and may even teach you something, most likely what not to do.



  1. Hi,

    I saw a question from you on Stack Overflow, about Autowiring MongoRepository bean in Shiro Realm class. Did you somehow get it working? I am also in a similar situation and would be grateful if you could share some info.


    • Hey Mario,

      Unfortunately I haven’t had time to look at this. This is kind of a side project that I am working on so it doesn’t have top priority right now. If you find anything yourself please update the question on stack overflow!


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