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Monthly Archives: October 2012

I have been simply trying to find out what the cost of a Comcast, Internet-only, package would be for a good 30 minutes now. I find it quite interesting that they would make the decision to more-or-less hide information from existing customers trying to find pricing for their services. I remember before they did the re-design, I was able to find pricing information on their services, narrowed down to my area, and compare everything in a nice matrix…So, it was all in plain site before, and now it’s almost impossible to find? Kind of odd…

After doing some digging, and running my browser through a few different proxy servers, I’ve found that they are not allowing customers who are coming from an existing Comcast connection to view the pricing information for anything up-front, but rather will only show them pricing if they attempt to add a service to an existing account. They also don’t allow you to “downgrade” a package online either once you’re in this part of the site, which is quite funny since you can definitely “upgrade” said packages. (I also tested signed-in vs. signed-out vs. clearing cookies, cache, restarted browser, etc. to make sure they couldn’t know who I was before-hand as well)

To me this wreaks of a poor way of trying to not only hide factual pricing information from customers so they can’t compare pricing to the other competitors, but also getting people “just far enough along” that they’ll have to call  Customer Support to wrap things up, and in-turn have a chance to attempt an up-sell for a bunch of different packages (phone, then cable, then home security, then internet security, etc.) and wasting the customer’s time since they already know what they’re calling for at this point.

Could be poor web design, could be a bad business decision, could be both, who knows…I’ll let the people reading this decide.