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Monthly Archives: February 2012

I just wanted to share a workaround I found in dojo 1.6 for the uploader. My page is pretty complex in that it has a bunch of nested border containers and a tab container within a border container. The way I was including it in my template was like this:

 <input data-dojo-type="dojox.form.Uploader" data-dojo-props="label: 'Select a File'" data-dojo-attach-point="uploadNode" />

When I included the Uploader as a part of the template for one of my widgets, some odd things were happening. First off, the button was sized very oddly. It was taking up the entire width of the screen. Also, in flash mode (IE), clicking on the button did nothing. After playing around with it for a few hours, I decided to try adding the widget during the startup event of my widget like so:

    this.uploader = new dojox.form.Uploader({ 
        url: admin.rootUrl + "admin/cmsResource/uploadFile", 
        multiple: false, 
        label: "Select..." 


This has solved the problem, now the uploader is sized properly and works just fine in IE!