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Monthly Archives: July 2008

One of my tasks with Online College is to frequently post to discussion threads. They require that you do a minimum of ‘x’ posts per week, depending on the class. The way the threads are structured, it’s really tough to tell how many posts you’ve done for the week if you’ve forgotten.

Each post lists your full name, so it should be pretty easy to simply do a ‘Find (CTRL+F) ‘ in Internet Explorer 7 to scan the page and just count how many times your name comes up before the search wraps…Apparently it’s not.

This morning I found IE7 hitting my name twice when doing the search, even though when I scanned down the remained of the forums I found my name an additional 3 times.

Moral of the story: Be weary of Internet Explorer 7’s real ability to do a simple text search, which has only been around since the dawn of time.