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Monthly Archives: April 2008

I recently came across another really nice theme pack for GTK / Emerald.  It’s called Overglossed.  The theme is really well put together.  I have had a really hard time finding a decent dark theme.  This is the first that I have come across that I can really tolerate, and that doesn’t cause any issues with applications.  Some dark themes create problems with certain applications (text being unreadable).  Well, have a look.

Overglossed GTK / Emerald Theme with Crashbit Icon Theme

Download the theme pack here



This is the first post in what I hope to be a series which highlights the best themes out there for GNOME (GTK, Emerald, GNOME Icons). There are a couple of good sites to find themes, however they don’t do a very good job highlighting the themes that are really worthwile. There are so many to look at, and the ratings aren’t all that accurate. Also, for the most part, everything out there is so piecemeal. Granted, it’s nice being able to pick and chose every element of your desktop, but it’s nice to find themes that work well together.

My first theme package contains a very nice GTK theme by freakcode at deviantART. The theme is based on the Aurora engine, which in my opinion is the nicest looking engine out there. It is very well put together. All of the details are really well done. The progress bars are animated and I love all of the rounded edges. Have a look:

I like the fact that it’s not too dark, but it’s not so bright that it’s hard to look at. The icon pack is called Elementary, by DanRabbit again at deviantART. It’s a macish looking icon pack that is really well done. The icons are svg based so no matter the size they look fantastic. Here’s a look at some of the icons, it should give you a good idea of the quality.

Elementary Icons by DanRabbit

Lastly, the emerald theme I have included in this pack is called Aero-Aqua mix. Let it be known that I am not a fan of Vista, or Microsoft for that matter. But this theme does a good job of taking two different looks and combining them into something that looks really nice. It gives Emerald / Compiz a chance to show off its blur and transparency effects. Props to the guys that created these themes.

This is what I am currently using for my desktop. All of these themes really come together well and create a very impressive look. I am always looking for something better, when I find another combination that works well I will write another one of these hogs.

Download the theme pack


After hours of research and finding that no one else had experienced this issue, at least my form of this problem, I finally found a post somewhere. I had created a page with a single button on it and was able to click and the page would postback successfully. All is good. I had a number of textboxes on the page that were required and some that needed additional validation as well. So I threw on my RequiredFieldValidators and RegularExpressionValidators, the validators worked correct, messaging appearing correctly when data not present and disappearing when data was valid. When I clicked the submit button NOTHING happened. So I removed all of the validators and the page worked again, added one validator and posting was not possible again. The issue is that I had placed a script reference with a self closing tag. So something like this <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/js/somefile.js”/>, for whatever reason that only God can explain, this upsets the Page_ClientValidate function. Conclusion, throw out XHTML when including script files and make sure you have a closing tag <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/js/somefile.js”></script>.

Thank you again Microsoft