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Don’t know exactly how I came across this but I did. There is a Subversion plug-in for Visual Studio that Microsoft recommends, seen here

My first thought was, well that’s good. A plug-in for Visual Studio for open-source, free source control that Microsoft is advertising, this can’t be all bad. Boy was I wrong. Subversion may be free, but the plug-in isn’t. The plug-in, called VisualSVN, cost $49….per license. Now I’m not saying it’s all Microsoft’s fault. They didn’t write the plug-in, but come on. How can someone write a plug-in for something that is free and charge for it. It figures that Microsoft would back this instead of something like ankhsvn, which is also open-source and, are you ready for this, free.

Figures that this would come from something on MSDN, the most useless resource for everything worthless.


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  1. Nothing beats Agent SVN –

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