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Well, at the moment no one is reading this blog. But hopefully someday someone will listen to our rants. This blog is Hosted and written by the developers at Resonance Technologies. We are a small company currently working on some secret web based projects. Well, one of them is not so secret, you can check it out at You can also check out the forums at

Well, here it goes, it’s time for my first rant.

A good place for me to start is with Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you’ve spent any time working with XHTML and cross browser compatibility then you definitely know my pain. Microsoft Internet Explorer sucks. I’m not going to beat around the bush. It’s a piece of crap. It has a ridiculous amount of bugs. Some of these bugs have been around since IE 4 and maybe even earlier. My favorite recent experience is the dreaded “Operation aborted” issue. What happens is some markup on your page (IE does not tell you the line or anything) is causing the parser to choke, and IE displays a simple message “Operation aborted” and then displays a blank page, that you can’t refresh… From what I can tell, the error occurs (maybe not soley) when you put a script block inside of a table cell. Unfortunately, this was happening inside a third party .NET component. I was forced to remove the component and create my own control.


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  1. This can also happen when attempting to add an element to the body (via appendChild) before the body is fully loaded. Absolute crap.

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